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πŸ€“ Getting Started

Run a workflow

In this article, you can learn how to run a workflow
Who can use this feature: Pro plan

  1. Import, create, or use a premade workflow from flowt's community.
  2. At the toolbox located at the bottom center, select the GPU on which you want to run your workflow.
  1. Click on the toggle next to the GPU dropdown to activate the selected machine.
  1. Select whether to run your machine with a timer or without. We recommend using a timer to prevent leaving the machine on, which can consume your credits.
  2. Click the turn-on button and wait until your machine is online.
  1. Once the machine is online, its status will be indicated in the toolbox.
Credits will be deducted while the 'Online' status is shown.
  1. To run the workflow, click on "Run."
  1. Once you click "Run," the queue will change to "1," showing that your run has been added to the queue.
  2. If you wish, you can click "Run" again to add another run to the queue. Once the previous runs end, the next run will be executed automatically.
  1. By tapping the queue button, you can navigate between the different runs by clicking the "Load" button or cancel them by clicking the "Cancel" button.
  1. If the workflow runs successfully, the results will appear in the:
    1. Queue's history.
    2. Gallery.